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We Solve Your Church Accounting Issues

We don’t just do audits, reviews, compilations, and 990s. We help our church clients with all of their accounting needs. We…

  • Provide our churches help from our experienced staff of CPAs when they need to update their accounting processes.
  • Help your business administrator or accountant develop processes that optimize the staff you currently have.
  • Help you design your system to create good internal controls that will safeguard your church from potential fraud or from the misuse of funds regardless of your staff size.
  • Teach your accounting staff.
  • Perform a review of your internal controls.

Why Hire Cox and Associates CPAs LLC for my Church?

CPA for non-profits

To Gain Transparency and Integrity

Keep donors happy by proving your integrity is as crucial to you as it is to them.

We help churches design their accounting processes to maximize whatever staff size you can afford. Churches understand that there needs to be transparency on how the contributions are spent. We help make sure this is done without overburdening your staff. Whether you need a review of your internal controls or an audit, review, or compilation, we can help you demonstrate your commitment to transparency.

To Gain 3rd Party Funding

Banks and other lenders, as well as your church board, want to know that the financial reporting is accurate and can be relied upon as they look to the future. By having an audit or a review engagement, they have assurance that the information in the financial statements is reliable. We will guide you through the process step by step.

Sometimes, just getting your financial information in the financial statement format for others to review is a daunting task. With a compilation engagement, we can help you do just that. While this service does not offer an opinion on the financial statements, it may meet the needs of your board and lenders.

To Improve Donor and Volunteer Confidence

As a church, you are always looking for donors. Since we value excellence, we perform the work with excellence. You can be confident that your financial statements will reflect the health of your church. You can open your books for inspection to donors without hesitation.

When you have a CPA on your team, you don’t have to worry about a decrease in contributions from a loss of donor confidence.

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Education is a crucial

Doing it the right way. We teach your accounting staff.

Managing Church Finances


You need to know that you are using your contributions for good causes, and they can only see this if your books clearly show how you use your donations.

We LISTEN to what you, the client, needs, and we tailor our services to best meet those needs.

We provide you with a checklist of documents needed based on the engagement we are providing.

We'll help you document your process through our interviews and questionnaires when we perform an audit or a review of your internal controls.

At the end of each audit, we provide a written management letter that gives you recommendations to improve your current accounting processes.