Are You Doing The Math?

You have completed the 4th quarter 941 and you have mailed out the W-2’s, but did you compare the numbers? The IRS will compare them and send you one of their tacky letters if there are differences. So before you send that W-3 to the IRS, check the following calculations… Does the total of line…

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The $64,000 Question

tho $64000 question

The $64,000 question for any employer is: “What goes into taxable income?” For the minister, we often think that the congregation can “give” him a love offering, gift cards, or personal use of a Church vehicle, etc, and it will not be considered taxable income. Maybe you are saying “Our pastor is self employed according…

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1099-K… What is it?

what is 1099-k

January 31 is approaching and the tax forms are accumulating. Your organization or church has prepared the 1099-Misc forms for 2011, the W-2s have been sent out, and you’re ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Then you get a new form in the mail, a 1099-K. “Oh no, another form,” you think. “What do…

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